Access and Control


Connect to Environment

The Flatsat can be accessed using SSH. Please email for more details.


The Local Machine

The local machine is a Debian based machine connected to the internet and to the Flatsat. This machine facilitates access to all the Crypto Engines.

Individual Crypto Engine Control

From the local machine terminal, you can use SSH to directly connect to a Crypto Engine. The following command will connect to the Crypto Engine 2 via SSH.

ssh ce2

sftp can be used to transfer files. Other common utilities are installed on the local computer as well.

Here is an example how to upload a file using sftp:

sftp -i .ssh/id_rsa -P [port] user@server_ip

Crypto Engine Orchestration

Ansible is installed on the local machine. The ~/ansible/ directory contains the inventory and configuration files to quickly run playbooks and commands across all the Crypto Engines.

For example, this command will run hostname on all Crypto Engines:

~/ansible $ ansible crypto_engines -a "hostname"

This command will run hostname just on Crypto Engine 0 (ce0)

~/ansible $ ansible ce0 -a "hostname"

The playbook copy.yml can be used to upload files to all Crypto Engines

~/ansible $ ansible-playbook copy.yml -e "src=~/test3"

The target targets parameter can be used to specify a subset of hosts. The dest can be used to specify a remote path and name.

~/ansible $ ansible-playbook copy.yml -e "targets=ce2,ce3 src=~/test3"

Please refer to the Ansible documentation for more information. The Cryptosat team will be happy to assist you in creating Ansible playbooks.

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